My name is Jarmila and California State University Channel Islands has been my favorite place to work with students since 2011.   When I walk across CSUCI campus, I feel happy.  I feel happy to be part of  a team of educators whose main focus is to provide our students with high quality education. As I walk across the campus, I enjoy meeting familiar faces, returning smiles, and engaging in conversations with former students. It’s great to hear what’s new on their journey to achieve their personal educational goals.  It makes me happy to know that my contributions make difference in the lives of CSUCI students.

Courses I teach at CSUCI:

  • Calculus for Business Application
  • Modern Tools in Mathematics
  • Math for Elementary School Teachers – Service Learning course

My other projects:

  • Early Start Program coordinator
  • Peer-Led Team Learning workshop mentor
  •  Learning Assistant Program mentor
  •  Women in STEM- Inspire Her Mind mentor
  • Collaborating with Center for Community Engagement
  • Working with University Preparation School and Camarillo Library to assure all Math 308 and Math 399 students have positive service learning experience.
  • Participating in projects promoting mathematics (DISCOVER CI) and stimulating students interest in STEM (Science Carnival)
  • Collaborating with other colleagues with the effort to better quality of education at CSUCI