Math 308 is a Service Learning Project  class designed for future math teachers at elementary school level.

The focus of this class is on …

  • Helping students to become inspirational and creative teachers of mathematics.
  • Placing students at the heart of teaching, in math classrooms at University Preparation School in Camarillo, where they work with experienced  math teachers completing  Service Learning Project.
  • Exploring concepts in Geometry, Probability, and Statistics while discussing ways to present these concepts in the classroom.
  • Providing prospective elementary teachers with core mathematics and various methods to integrate into the classroom curriculum.
  • Getting familiar with the content and philosophy of national and state standards.
  • Engaging university students through combination of lectures, discussions (small groups and the whole class), and other in-class activities.
  • Making classroom a special environment where students work collaboratively with their peers.
  • Promoting students learning and growth by sharing ideas and applications, and constructive evaluation of ] each-other’s work.